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So you say you have a novel that’s stalled mid-draft?  Or maybe you have a completed draft that’s stuck in a desk drawer?  Perhaps your novel is complete, but in one way or another it’s not quite there yet.  No agents will accept it, but they can’t tell you how to fix it.  It’s a frustrating dilemma that so many writers face.  

I’m part of a workshop - run by the indie publishers Legend Press - that looks at how you can get the help needed to pass that final hurdle.  I’m biased, Legend are my publisher, but I’m not the only one who thinks they know what they’re doing - they were nominated for UK indie publisher of the year this year and one of their novelists (who is also attending the workshop) has just won a national award for his novel.

The workshop includes a first chapter appraisal as well as important feedback on how to submit.  But more than that, you’ll be getting the seasoned expertise of a number of publishers and authors who are willing to discuss the bumpy road to publication.

29th October, Longsight Library, 519 Stockport Road, Manchester, Greater Manchester M12 4NE, 2-5pm

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